Nourish & Sow​

We know business owners
are busier than ever.

That’s why we’ve developed a solution-based consultation and implementation process designed to give entrepreneurs the freedom to grow their business and pursue their personal and professional goals.

As a leading consulting firm for small- to mid-size businesses, Nourish & Sow is driven by its mission to unshackle business owners and their employees from the recurring challenges that hinder productivity and profitability. We provide a full state of business optimization and operation services as well as custom technology and staffing solutions.

Free Resources
Download these valuable small business resources to start making positive changes today.
Use the guide to track the activities in your week that ignite or dim your creative spark. We work with entrepreneurs to increase their spark igniting activities and reduce the spark dimming activities.
You’ve probably heard others talk about it, but do you know how automated marketing works and why it’s essential for any business? Download our simple guide to take the next step in building your client facing marketing plan. ​

Operations & Consulting

An aptitude for analysis and a creative, out-of-the-box mindset fuels our solution-based approach. We will always push to answer the question, “What is Possible?”
Strategic Planning
Whether you want to increase revenue, acquire competitors, or expand your reach on social platforms, Nourish & Sow will lay out a step-by-step process to effectively grow your business.
Our experience in traditional and non-traditional business settings allows us to look at your operation from a different perspective and find ways to improve your processes and procedures.

Staffing solutionS

Hiring Support
Services include creating job descriptions, posting jobs, identifying candidates, and making recommendations to ensure open positions are filled by the most qualified people in a timely manner.
Staff Onboarding
Our team will work directly with you to package the essential information and training necessary for new hires and existing staff to positively impact your business.
Direct Placements
Nourish & Sow’s partnership with a reputable staffing agency gives clients access to a full array of talented professionals in fields like accounting, marketing, human resources, and general administration.

Technology Solutions

Custom Integrations

Our talented team of developers can easily connect your software to new technologies, allowing for seamless solutions to help your team improve productivity.


Sometimes new technology isn’t necessary. Through an optimization review, we can find ways for existing technology work better for you and your team.

Custom Solutions

If the answer to your challenges doesn’t exist yet, don’t worry.
Our developers will build a custom solution suited for your exact needs.


Nourish & Sow is honored to work with its amazing group of existing clients. We hope to add you to the list soon!


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