Our Mission

As a small- to mid-size business consulting firm, Nourish & Sow is driven by its mission to unshackle business owners and their employees from the recurring challenges that hinder productivity and profitability.

With diverse backgrounds across industries, Nourish & Sow’s team members understand the challenges facing business owners and employees. Our team works tirelessly to rid clients of cumbersome processes, help bridge technology gaps, and ultimately prepare clients for growth in today’s challenging marketplace. At each step along the way, the Nourish & Sow team will seek to free up your time so you can take on more productive tasks that generate revenue and grow your business.

Our Process

Nourish & Sow approaches each client objectively and analytically, seeking first to understand the business, its challenges, and opportunities.
People systems are also important, and Nourish & Sow maintains a focus on user experience and interface when implementing new processes.
Bolstered by a company emphasis in systems and process management, Nourish & Sow can provide everything from  technology assessments  to  custom software solutions  and integrations.   
Bolstered by a company emphasis in systems and process management, Nourish & Sow can provide everything from  technology assessments  to  custom software solutions  and integrations.   
People systems are also important, and Nourish & Sow maintains a focus on user experience and interface when implementing new processes.
Strong program and project management professionals keep projects on track and help uncover hidden opportunities for optimization.
Finally, our business strategy and growth planning capabilities position clients for sustainable and logical expansion.


Lucas Mitchell,

As a multi-location business operator for over a decade, Lucas has a long history of creating sustainable business infrastructure out of complex systems. He earned his stripes as the co-founder and operating partner of a 13-location business with over 300 employees in multiple states. His experience in franchising gave him direct insight into how large companies utilize systems. By pulling the best practices from those systems, Lucas is able to scale them to suit businesses of any size.

Over the years, he has developed people systems, technology systems, and operating procedures to make businesses function more profitably and ultimately free up time for growing the business. After carving out time for himself, Lucas created Nourish & Sow to do that for other entrepreneurs.

Andrew Smith,
Director of Operations

Armed with 15-plus years of career experience in a variety of fields, including management, operations, sales, public relations, marketing, leadership development, and higher education, Andrew’s versatility is unmatched. A strong communicator and facilitator, Andrew serves as one of the primary contacts for clients once projects are underway.

Andrew’s ability to synthesize complex solutions into digestible terms helps Nourish & Sow’s partners attain the necessary level of understanding to effectively push our solutions into the future of their business. Andrew's dedication to our clients’ success is apparent throughout the implementation process, and his leadership allows Nourish & Sow’s talented team to deliver for our partners.

Alex Mitchell,
Technology Architect

As the firm’s Technology Architect, Alex understands, plans, and implements the technical infrastructure for Nourish & Sow’s partners. His professional experience includes web development and technology system implementation on a variety of complex projects for large companies. These include everything from custom software design to logistics and scheduling solutions.

Alex’s knowledge of technology infrastructure allows Nourish & Sow to recommend cost effective solutions that can be built out to meet specific business needs. An AWS certified developer, his training and experience in web development, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), make Alex the ideal designer for creating friendly and effective platforms. Alex has also served as a mentor for a web development boot camp, which serves as the foundation for his ability to train Nourish & Sow’s partners on the new technologies we implement.

Nick Mitchell,
Project Administrator

Nick has more than 10 years of career experience, which includes managing teams, improving customer experience, and streamlining workload efficiency. He joined the Nourish & Sow team because he saw the opportunity to solve real problems and positively impact the lives of professionals. Nick is comfortable working with businesses of all types and his open communication style ensures everyone is aligned in vision and purpose when accomplishing tasks. He is driven by his dedication to serving our clients and tailors our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. A member of the Project Management Institute, Nick always seeks to ask the right questions in order to develop lasting solutions to real-world problems.

Megan Jinks,
Human Resources Administrator

Megan has five years of administrative experience ranging from Human Resources and Recruitment to Event Coordination. She brings a people first mentality to any team she is a part of, which comes from her years of customer service experience. A as self-described “people person,” Megan understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships in order to achieve common goals. Megan’s attention to detail and organizational skills coupled with her recruitment experience provides business owners a seamless, low-stress process to grow their company effectively.

Zach Masters,
Project & Engagement Manager

Zach is a Project & Engagement Manager with nearly a decade of experience having managed 1,000+ projects of varying values in the Oil & Gas, IT and Telecommunication industries. Armed with positivity, dedication, flexibility and empathy, Zach not only completes projects but also strives to deliver an excellent client experience as well.

Zach’s thoughtful approach to project and engagement management allows him to provide unique situational perspectives. By thinking of the “what if’s” and “how to’s,” Zach helps the N&S team adaptively engage with projects, processes, and people.

Zach is a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Project Management Essentials Certified (PMEC), and is working towards a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Steven Velez,
Junior Developer

Steven is a self-taught developer who has strengthened his craft by assisting local and small businesses find solutions to assist in making their jobs easier. He has been able to work with and upgrade the systems and processes for businesses that are already operating or just getting started. This could be through upgrading their current website, designing a platform for their business to operate on, or styling up their look.

Being self-taught, Steven is never afraid to take on new tasks and is always looking for challenges. If the answer is not clear in the beginning, he is not afraid to look deep to find the solution to accomplish the task.

Doug Thompson,
Project & Engagement Manager

Doug comes from a diverse background as a small business owner, restaurant manager, ops manager, and project manager. He spent 10 years working in healthcare operations as a corporate trainer and manager where he was able to increase efficiency, cut costs, and create positive lasting changes in the culture of his team. He has led teams of 160 employees and in doing so developed a skillset for training, coaching, and mentoring. By assisting and leading project teams he has become highly skilled in process improvement, change management, and IT implementation. He is currently working towards his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

He was drawn to Nourish & Sow because he has a passion for helping entrepreneurs start and grow their organizations. By being able to understand a business through the perspective of the owners and team, he can find ideal solutions and guide them through implementation. He loves taking on new challenges for clients and finding opportunities for greater success.

Megan Schuetta,
Project Administrator

Megan Schuetta possesses extensive work experience She started out with Target as a Distribution Manager and helped to develop a temporary staffing onboarding training program. From there she went on to work for COLE Capital Corporation in various positions including Contracts Manager and HR Manager. Megan has led and coached teams of people ranging in size from 5 to 250. Her passion lies with helping to develop both individuals as well as companies achieve their desired goals.

Megan was drawn to Nourish & Sow because of the entrepreneurial drive to help others succeed in the growth and development of their businesses. By being in both well established corporations and aiding in the growth of other businesses, Megan can help and identify potential roadblocks and offer solutions as to how to avoid or navigate them.