About Nourish and Sow

Are you looking for real advice from people who successfully own and operate franchise restaurants? You’ve come to the right place. At Nourish and Sow, we focus on the franchisee. Our goal is to use knowledge from leading industry experts to help prospective or current owners become more effective. We want to put our years of experience to work for you to increase revenue and improve operations. We offer free expert advice on our The Franchisee Winners Table Podcast , blog, and social media.

Meet Lucas

Lucas Mitchell is a successful entrepreneur with 14 years experience in the restaurant business. The majority of his working life was spent in franchised businesses, primarily in the food sector. He knows the franchise world in-depth because he has worked at all levels from line cook to director of operations. Throughout his career, Lucas has demonstrated ambition, ingenuity, and a willingness to learn.

Real Experience 

Lucas has been through the processes of starting, running, and growing multiple flourishing restaurants, and now he wants to share that experience with you. He’s found investors and lenders, and structured efficient administrative systems. He has real-life strategies to keep overhead low and has vetted potential franchisors. Most importantly, he has built a strong network of industry relationships with experienced franchisees, legal advisors, and accounting experts.

Proven Success 

By applying creative strategies and sound business practices, Lucas has cut costs, increased revenue, and improved customer service. The proof is in the numbers. Lucas personally oversees franchised restaurants with revenue over $18M per year and hundreds of employees.

Professional Growth 

Currently, Lucas is a franchisee. He has taken multiple units from idea to reality by finding partners, financing, and purchasing. He plays an active role in operation and business management of multiple franchised units. Lucas constantly seeks out opportunities to learn, grow, and develop professionally. Lucas is actively growing his portfolio of franchised businesses and wants to help others achieve success. His goal for Nourish and Sow is to provide as much value as possible for fellow restaurant franchisees through his podcast , and blog.