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Freedom-Driven Entrepreneur

How To Be A Business Owner With Family Time, Days Off, and Lifestyle Wealth in 2023


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This is your road to passion, profit, and freedom as an entrepreneur in the New Year – without burnout.

Hustle culture is on the rise. The latest gospel is that if you’re not working 12-hour days every day, sacrificing family time, and using your nights and weekends with no breaks, you won’t make it.

But how would you feel if I told you that these were myths? There are so many common misconceptions of the entrepreneur lifestyle.

These business owners…

The problem is, this false idea of an entrepreneur is mainstream. Soon, you start to doubt if you’re “cut out” for running a business because your lifestyle doesn’t look like this… or maybe you simply don’t want it to.

That’s why this course calls BS.


Entrepreneurs can and should have a work-life balance


You can be successful when fueled by passion, and


You don’t have to become your own tyrant to be profitable.

Start the New Year strong with…

Freedom-Driven Entrepreneur

A 6-week live course designed to free entrepreneurs from the day-to-day responsibilities of their business and allow them to do what they love.

Hi, I’m Lucas.

As a business operator for over a decade, I have a history of creating sustainable businesses with simple systems. I’m the co-founder and operating partner of a 25-location business with over 500 employees in multiple states.

I run a multi-million-dollar franchise in just a few hours a week.

Over the years, I’ve developed people systems, technology systems, and operating procedures to make businesses function more profitably and ultimately free up time. My consulting firm Nourish & Sow now does this for clients across North America.

After carving out time for myself, I created The Freedom-Driven Entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs explore how to scale their business and leave time for their family and passions.


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Here’s what you’ll learn in the brand-new 2023 course

Week 0 (Oct. 5)

Welcome/Getting Started

Get ready for a great experience! We’ll kick things off, meet each other, and learn to navigate the course.

Week Zero: Welcome/Getting Started (Jan. 11)

Get ready for a great experience! We’ll kick things off, meet each other, and learn to navigate the course.

Week One: Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset (Jan. 18)

Define your vision, passion, and business – and the exact problem it will solve. Take the first steps and overcome the common challenges that cause most entrepreneurs to quit. Are you ready to set (and achieve) ambitious goals? Find out the mindset it takes to operate in the unknown.

Week Two: Understanding & Allocating Resources (Jan. 25)

We’ll review the core financial elements & resources you need to build/grow your business, choosing financial systems, and more – including managing expenses, creating controls, and when to outsource.

Week Three: Leadership & You: Building Your Team (Feb. 1)

You can’t do this alone, so how can you position others to be successful? We’ll dive into your unique personality as a founder/CEO and how to empower the people on this journey with you. Learn to create a hiring process, screen potential candidates, and cultivate a powerful leadership team.

Week Four: Leverage Business Technologies & Data-Driven Decisions for Success (Feb. 8)

Understand your tech stack to create smooth, efficient, and automated workflows & business systems. Then use data to gauge progress and make business decisions that lead to success. Learn to create, track, and assess critical KPIs.

Week Five: Sales & Marketing 101 (Feb. 15)

Sales first. If you’re not selling, you don’t have a business. Second is marketing. Marketing is the tool that keeps your business in business. Discover the ABCs & essential strategies that create a consistent pipeline of clients or customers.

Week Six: Carving Your Unique Growth Path (Feb. 22)

Learn to leverage your professional contacts and network to grow your business faster. Capitalize on new opportunities early on, even if that means changing your business slightly. Tackle market changes, staff and client challenges, and product shortcomings head-on. Know exactly when to stay the course and when to shift.

What else do I get? (Course Highlights)

This 6-week, comprehensive program includes:

Ok, But Is This Course Right For Me?

The Freedom-Driven Entrepreneur Is Best For You If…

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One-Time Investment


Becoming a freedom-driven entrepreneur is up to you. No excuses in 2023.

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The Freedom-Driven Entrepreneur Promise: The Freedom-Driven Entrepreneur Promise: I don’t want anyone in this course who doesn’t want to be here. So, request a refund up to 14 days after the course starts and you’ll receive your money back. No questions asked.