Oct 6, 2022

How to Share Your Vision to Inspire Others
(And Take It To Next Level)

By: Lucas Mitchell

Obviously, I can’t tell you what your entrepreneurial vision should be. That is something only you can decide. However, I can offer some advice on how to share that vision to inspire others – no matter what your big dream may be.

In this post, I’m answering 3 core questions that I believe will point you in the right direction.

In terms of entrepreneurship, how do you define a vision?

For me, a vision is the grandiose picture of why I am making any entrepreneurial pursuit. The vision encompasses not only financial benefits, but how I interact with people, how my company interacts with people, why the business exists, where it’s going and some goals to hit along the way.

Notice I mentioned financials first? That’s intentional. A lot of entrepreneurs feel like there must be a “purpose” behind their business.

I believe that’s an added value, but a business – which by definition earns profit and employs people – is already adding value to the world.

So, both how and why you make money is an important piece. Don’t forget that how you use that money is also significant. Do the tools you expensive make your team feel less stressed and more productive? Are you able to provide pay that helps support employees, their families, and their ideal life? How do you use funds to make a collaborative and enjoyable work environment?

The finances of business can make just as much of an impact in your vision as a grand purpose.

What makes the difference between a vision that inspires others versus another company objective?

What makes a vision inspire others is whether or not you truly believe in it. It’s less about what the vision actually is.

There are billions of people in the world – it’s not a stretch to think that some of them will align with a vision you’ve set. That’s why you shouldn’t craft your vision to cater to people. Craft your vision towards yourself and the people who identify with it will show up.

In reality, you don’t need to create a vision with the intention of attracting others to it. Like-minded people will come if you are true to yourself.

How should entrepreneurs share their vision with others? How do you embody Nourish & Sow’s vision for your team?

After that, there are lots of ways to share your vision with others. However, the best way is simply through conversation and interacting with others. When it’s really your vision, it’s not forced – you share it naturally in your everyday life. When the time comes to share it systematically, you can write it down and then distribute it throughout your company.

For example, the onboarding process is generally a good time to share it with employees, clients/customers, and team members.

Ensure they understand the vision and what they’re signing up for. Are they aligned with it from the start?

Finally, it’s no secret that having a vision and executing it are two different endeavors.

My job as the entrepreneur and the visionary is to consistently share the vision and to regularly refine it with my team. I ensure they have a plan to execute it, but ultimately, I trust they are aligned with the vision and will get it done. I don’t interfere often or force their process – I just support them and help whenever needed.

Relinquishing control over how the vision is executed gives people the freedom to make it flourish.

So, what’s yours?