Nourish & Sow Case Studies

The case studies below are just a sampling of the creative solutions we've implemented for our clients. To learn more on a how we can craft a custom solution for your business, click here.

Modernizing the Sales Process: Leveraging CRM and Website Visitor Tracking

After decades of helping other businesses run more efficiently, the NECS sales process needed an upgrade.  By leveraging CRM software and website visitor tracking, N&S positioned NECS to condense their sales cycle by half.

Integrating Existing Platforms for Significant Cost Savings

Jason Drees Coaching hinges on client interaction and engagement. JDC’s commitment to their mission was clear, but their content delivery system was struggling. Using seamless tech integrations N&S redesigned their process and reduced cost and labor in a matter of weeks.

Streamlining Talent Acquisition in Real Time

NECS was stuck in a cycle of hiring out of necessity, which was wasting time and hindering strategic, future-facing growth. After creating  a more effective and efficient hiring process and assisting with implementation, N&S saved NECS  approximately 500 staff hours  and filled 10 roles in 15 months.

Streamlining Event Scheduling by Integrating Monday.com and Google Calendar

With nearly 150 events across the U.S. annually, keeping an accurate calendar is crucial to PhotoMules’ status as one of the nation’s leading youth sports event photography companies. As they began to gather more leads and secure more business, PhotoMules recruited SowLabs to redesign and streamline their scheduling process to help stay on top of their game.

Setting a New Standard for Daily Reporting

Elephant Car Wash takes great pride in helping drivers achieve the sparkling vehicle of their dreams, but when it came to collecting daily reports across locations they were lacking an effective system. By standardizing reporting tasks and automating intra-company data sharing, N&S helped ECW save staff time daily, collect important company data, and continue to meet the level of exceptional customer service customers have come to expect.

Realizing Company Vision Through Thoughtful Team Building

When GDL came to N&S their vision was clear, but a lack of management and hiring experience was a limitation to rapid expansion. By creating a hiring framework and initiating a six-month custom management training, SowTalent helped GDL achieve 300% growth in staffing within 60 days and establish a company culture that could turn their vision into a working reality.