Mar 16, 2023

Top 5 Use Cases For Business Automations With Zapier in 2023

Image by pressfoto on Freepik

If you’re in tune with the tech side of business, you haven’t made it through the last five years without hearing about Zapier. 

Zapier is one of the leading automation platforms for businesses of all sizes. It supports integrations – known as “zaps” – between 5,000+ apps. These zaps are created by users to connect two or more technologies. 

Zapier is great because it can be as simple or complex (with some limitations) as you need it to be. The relatively quick implementation of Zapier integrations can launch your business in no time flat. Common integrations support workflow sequencing, reducing annoyances or mundane tasks that require a person to click a button or think about what to do next.

Like many technologies, most businesses don’t fully understand all of the amazing things Zapier can do. So we’ve compiled our list of the Top 5 Use Cases for Business Automations with Zapier to give you a better understanding of how to implement this affordable and relatively straightforward technology.

1) Enhance Customer/Client Communication

The most important thing you can do in any business is acquire customers (or clients). The best way to do that is communicating with potential or new customers. Zapier’s integrations allow you to automate many of the standard communications you’d normally assign a person to manage, freeing up their time for more productive ways to interact with prospects and customers. 

  • Send critical information to customers on signup/registration
  • Supplemental emails to get customers educated/warmed up on the product or service that was sold
  • Prescriptive follow-ups for customers in the pipeline, declined, or no-shows
  • Obtain feedback from customers on the product, service, or experience

2) Improve Internal Communication & Workflow

If you lead a team, you’re likely seeking ways to improve internal communication. These specific Zapier integrations are great ways to enhance your basic workflow or supplement your CRM. And, we especially like the ‘shoutouts’ Zap – everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work!

  • Notify and assign sales rep when lead enters pipeline
  • Notify teams when internal project or task status changes
  • Notify teams when externally assigned project or task status changes
  • Shoutouts to departments and team members when goals are met

3) Organize Your Data

One of the most important and time consuming tasks in a business is dealing with data. Not only are clunky, manual processes subject to human error, they can suck valuable time from your team. Why copy and paste data, when you could be growing the business? Our favorite data related zaps include:

  • Auto-upload email attachments to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Forward specific data to CRM or spreadsheets based on terms/phrases in body of email
  • Check and filter bad data, such as spam emails or improper phone numbers
  • Clean data for adapting to various apps or to become more ‘human-friendly’

4) Boost Your Social Media Presence

Sure, there are a lot of tools out there to assist in social media posting. But, did you know that many platforms use their algorithms to penalize users for using third-party apps to post? Well Zapier integrates with your profile and can post directly to your channels without any additional work from you or your marketing team. 

  • Track profiles or relevant hashtags: total searches, when trending, etc.
  • Reshare articles and media from your favorite web pages to your social platforms 
  • Push regular posts to platforms from a bank of existing content
  • Automatically promote new content from your blog or website

5) Own The Client Retention Process

You’ve got clients – great! Now you have to keep them. This is what we at Nourish & Sow consider a ‘good problem’. 

  • Trigger a custom email sequence to keep clients engaged
  • Feedback gathered and triggered by certain actions or time periods
  • Follow-ups assigned to reps dependent on client feedback
  • Quickly assign customer to appropriate sales rep for follow-up

If you’re interested in implementing Zapier in your business, or have any questions, the Technology team at Nourish & Sow would love to connect with you. Our developers in SowLabs are eager to help businesses scale through the implementation of technology. 

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