What is Zoho One and Why We Recommend It

April 4, 2024

What is Zoho One and Why We Recommend It

Why Zoho One?

Over the last four years, the Nourish & Sow team has helped dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Through our work, we’ve explored and evaluated countless applications across numerous industries. In our experience, there is one suite of tools that stands alone and delivers everything a business could need to streamline digital operations in an affordable package, regardless of a company’s size or scope – that suite of tools is Zoho One.

As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we feel confident knowing that Zoho One is a viable option for nearly every company or potential client we work with. In the simplest terms, Zoho One enables you to customize operations to fit your specific needs and to support growth as you scale your business.

We all know communication between departments is key to running a successful company. Zoho One is built so that different aspects of your business can easily “talk” to each other, which provides a more comprehensive view of your analytics and helps keep team members on task, just to name a few of the advantages.

With superior native integration possibilities, between Zoho Apps and extended custom integrations with third-party platforms, Zoho One creates a home for all the digital aspects of your business to live, while also elevating possibilities for expansion.

What is Zoho One

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is a bundle of 45+ Zoho applications, which makes it a one-stop shop for all you need to run a business. From social media management through Zoho Social, to customizing your sales process in Zoho CRM, to simplifying customer service with Zoho Desk, Zoho One is a unified platform with everything a company needs to operate and scale.

Another great thing about Zoho One is you don’t have to implement everything all at once. As your company grows and expands, your needs will change. Zoho One puts all the tools you need to scale in one place, without scaling costs for new software.

At Nourish & Sow, we help businesses prioritize their needs in a way that supports and encourages growth. If your first priority is to establish a consistent process for your sales team and create more clarity and alignment, Zoho CRM is the place to start. With Zoho CRM, you can create clear steps and rules by automating sales procedures and tasks.

Once your sales team is on the same page you might add in Zoho Campaigns to engage existing or potential clients via email campaigns or sequences. Once prospects become clients or customers, you can leverage Zoho Desk to create a customer support funnel that improves response times and overall satisfaction.

The key to scaling your business efficiently and effectively is maintaining forward momentum as seamlessly as possible. Zoho One is great for startups and entrepreneurs because it makes integrating new tools super easy. And the possibilities for customizing operations to suit your needs are literally endless.

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What is Zoho One used for?

Most Zoho Apps can be easily connected using pre-built integrations, which means information can be shared automatically between each specific platform. This enables companies, big and small, to expand without hiring a developer to customize integrations that link operational functions. If a needed feature isn’t included in the native integration, a developer can leverage Zoho’s robust open API to make it happen.

The Zoho One product suite also makes it easy to integrate outside platforms too. If you have a campaign platform you love or CRM approach that is really working for you, you can connect those legacy tools to the Zoho One bundle and share information across platforms without skipping a beat using Zoho Flow (think Zapier or Make).

By offering tight native integrations, as well as third-party integrations, Zoho One saves staff countless hours. A great example of this is an integration we implemented for one of our Zoho One clients, Leap Years by Animal Bioscience. As a pet longevity supplement company, Leap Years sells a physical product and they use ShipHero for fulfillment. By having the Zoho One suite as the backbone of their operations, they are still able to use a service that meets their shipping needs in ShipHero, while also integrating other powerful business tools. By connecting ShipHero to Zoho One apps such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics, they’re able aggregate their product distribution and client data all in one place.

Is Zoho One Worth It?

Another reason Zoho One is great for startups and entrepreneurs is they use fixed-cost pricing per team member. By offering over 45+ enterprise-level apps, Zoho One makes it easy to eliminate disparate platforms at a great rate. At Nourish & Sow, we went from using MailChimp, Quickbooks, Monday.com, Hootsuite, Docusign, Toggl, Quickbooks, and Zapier (to attempt to tie it all together) to just using Zoho One apps. It not only streamlined operations, but also saved money on maintaining so many subscriptions – literally thousands of dollars a year.

Most SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms offer different tiers of their product or service. With each tier, you get different features. Starting with a basic tier that may be free, moving up through a professional tier that offers more, and ending with an enterprise tier with the highest level of features and higher data caps. Enterprise-level subscriptions carry the highest price point; and if you are paying for that level of service across many platforms, for all of your team members, those costs add up quickly.

With Zoho One, your entire team has access to over 45 apps at the Enterprise-level for one flat rate per team member. As we replaced our disparate technologies with Zoho One apps, this resulted in extreme cost savings. Considering all Zoho One offers, the value is unbeatable.

Let’s look at the benefit of eliminating just one platform subscription. Zoho One runs $37 per user, per month (if paid annually with all-employee pricing). Included in Zoho One is Zoho Desk. If you were to pay for the same tier of service from another customer service / help desk platform, it could cost between $79 to $115 per user, per month. Check out the cost breakdown below.

Zoho Desk Pricing Comparison vs. Freshdesk vs. Zendesk

Zoho Desk




Not Available ☹️






(Included with Zoho One)

Per user per month billed annually

Remember, this is just for one application. Think of all the savings you could realize if you moved most or all of your digital operations to Zoho One.

Another great thing about Zoho One Pricing is their flexible cancellation policy. Offering both month-to-month and annual subscriptions, if you decide it isn’t the right fit for you could cancel and take advantage of their great refund policy.

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What does Zoho One include?

For a full list of Zoho One Apps, click here to visit their website. The number and range is truly impressive. Here are a few highlights from Zoho One included apps:

  • Zoho Sign is a complete digital signature platform that operates at the speed needed to keep up with the modern business landscape. Replaces Docusign, Adobe Sign, PandaDoc, HelloSign, or similar technology.
  • Zoho Forms is an online form creation tool with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder used for various purposes like website lead forms, registrations, surveys, orders, and more. It allows for data collection, integration with other Zoho and third-party apps, and workflow automation. Replaces Typeform, JotForm, Google Forms.
  • Zoho Books is online accounting software that both manages company finances and automates business workflow. Some of the largest advantages of Zoho Books are its tight integration with Zoho CRM, its ability to create custom modules, and a robust open API. Replaces Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, or similar accounting software.
  • Zoho Survey is a tool for creating online surveys and questionnaires. It provides features to design, distribute, and analyze surveys, making it suitable for market research, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement studies. Replaces SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics CoreXM, SurveySparrow, or other survey software.
  • Zoho Billing is an end-to-end subscription-based billing software with easy product management, efficient billing processes, and convenient payment holding. It automates recurring invoices, payment reminders, and subscription management. Zoho Billing also provides priceless information regarding customer lifecycles and other invaluable business insights. Replaces Chargebee, Recurly, Stripe Billing, and other subscription management services.

More On Why We Recommend Zoho One

At Nourish & Sow, we recommend utilizing all Zoho One has to offer for many reasons. The best proof of that is we use it ourselves. Beyond our own experience, we’ve witnessed all it can do to streamline and elevate operations by leading multiple clients through Zoho One implementation.

Another reason we became a Zoho Authorized Partner and so strongly recommend Zoho One is we truly value and respect Zoho as a company. Zoho is privately owned and stated publicly it will never be sold. Zoho’s US Headquarters is located on 375 acres of farmland just southeast of Austin, Texas, where they actually grow food that is donated to organizations that feed people in need.

For Zoho, privacy is a principle, not just a policy. Their platforms never include third-party trackers, they don’t sell your data, and they don’t run ads inside their apps–even with free versions of Zoho. Imagine that!

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