Integrating Existing Platforms for Significant Cost Savings

How SowLabs implemented seamless tech integrations to redesign a struggling delivery system 

Jason Drees Coaching (JDC) is an international performance coaching company whose primary focus is client interaction and engagement. One of the features JDC clients receive is the ability to access recordings of their one-on-one coaching sessions to revisit whenever they want. During a period of accelerated growth the JDC administrative team found that their process could not keep up with their internal expectations of client services. The process in place for delivering coaching session call recordings was very error-prone and required a lot of manual work from the team.

In addition to not having a seamless process for delivering call recordings, the onboarding process was problematic, also requiring a lot of manual labor for new client call account setup. Basically, at the time of Nourish & Sow assessing the issue, JDC clients were paying for a service that was being delivered in an inefficient and inconsistent way. JDC turned to Nourish & Sow’s technology division, SowLabs, to help deliver on their client services and maintain the standard of excellence JDC and its clients expect.




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