Modernizing the Sales Process: Leveraging CRM and Website Visitor Tracking

How Nourish & Sow replaced an inefficient sales process and turned it into an modern, automated sales system.

NECS, Inc. is a long-standing software company that specializes in Food Distribution Software. After decades of helping other businesses run more efficiently, the NECS Sales process needed an upgrade. Lead sourcing was limited to phone calls and emails, and there was no comprehensive way to evaluate client or prospect analytics.

Without a consistent way to track possible or trending sales, NECS was not maximizing the time or skills of their sales team. NECS provides and maintains an exceptional, high-ticket product, so an extended sales cycle comes with the territory. But when N&S reviewed the NECS sales process it became clear that leads could be turned into deals at a faster rate by revamping their customer relationship management approach.




The entire process has been pretty easy, pretty streamlined. We set up an initial call where they (N&S) learned a little bit more about us, and ever since that call, it's been full steam ahead. They learned a little bit about our business and instantly came back with a bunch of different suggestions on things to improve and help move us forward….the whole process of working with Nourish & Sow has been very easy. I highly recommend Nourish & Sow.

- Nichole Zingarella, Director of Operations, NECS, Inc.

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