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How SowLabs reorganized event management with Monday.com and Zapier to save time, create consistency, and convert leads

Velvet City Sound has a stellar reputation for providing a high energy, live music experience that brings both the party and an unparalleled level of professionalism. Planning an event can come with countless moving parts, and VCS is dedicated to taking as much off their client’s plate as possible. Covering some of the largest markets in the southeastern U.S. with its catalog of 800+ songs, VCS knows what it takes to stand out in the wedding and corporate event sector of the live music industry. As increasing demand stretched VCS’s systems, VCS founder Nick Bryant recruited N&S to scale the company’s operational technology stack. By integrating easy-to-use platforms and services like Monday.com, Zapier, Calendly and Google Calendar, N&S was able to finetune VCS’s booking and scheduling process while simultaneously increasing revenue opportunities.



Using Monday.com and Zapier, VCS can send a Booking Request Email to a new lead with one click.


Client engagement standardized through automated emails using Monday.com and G-Mail.

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