Streamlining Event Scheduling by Integrating Monday.com and Google Calendar

How SowLabs increased event coordination proficiency and elevated client communication

PhotoMules is one of the nation’s leading youth sports event photography companies. With nearly 150 events across the U.S. annually, planning and coordinating team members and other resources is critical to their success. Through their use of multiple platforms to coordinate scheduling, the PhotoMules managers found themselves struggling to navigate confirmed events and leads with precision. With some streamlining from N&S, their scheduling process and company calendars were able to provide more clarity and accuracy. As a result, PhotoMules has more consistency across planning platforms and is positioned to continue exceptional client communication.



This easy-to-use Monday.com board streamlined the event management process for PhotoMules


Time saving automations with Zapier connected Monday.com to the company’s Google Calendar, ensuring accurate information for team members and event managers.

Let SowLabs refine your scheduling process

Have you recently failed to close a lead simply due to timing? Or maybe your client communication has suffered due to a complicated calendar. Book a call to find out how SowLabs can help you better stay on top of your upcoming events, your deadlines, and your game.