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Simplify Daily Operations to Save Time and Close More Deals

How SowOps helped streamline essential systems for better workability and more intercompany clarity

Jason Drees Coaching is an international coaching company that operates and engages as most modern companies do—through a network of software systems. As the company matured alongside the specific needs of their remote staff and clientele, JDC recognized, with the help of Nourish & Sow, that it was time to streamline the way their software systems interfaced on many fronts, including staff scheduling and task management, comprehensive lead and deal tracking, and website booking.

The SowOps team reviewed the daily operations of JDC’s software network to determine what systems needed to be replaced and what could be better incorporated. The SowOps team led the JDC transition to a more user-friendly approach, which saved time, improved client experience, and enabled staff to be more connected and, therefore, more effective.




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