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How N&S enabled expansion and boosted operations for a fast growing startup

GDL Capital is a commercial real estate investing firm focused on undervalued retail assets in the Midwest. Specializing in small-to-medium retail centers, GDL Capital offers profitable commercial opportunities to investors who are interested in making a positive impact. When GDL Capital’s founder, Dustin Young, came to N&S his vision was clear, but needed help hiring the team to turn his vision into reality. Like so many modern companies, GDL Capital was also confronting the challenges of creating and supporting remote team success.

To set GDL Capital sustainable path for growth, SowTalent created a customized hiring framework, and helped Dustin develop a management style that encouraged communication and collaboration. After identifying the strengths of individuals and standardizing accountability, Show Talent leveraged the unique talents of GDL Capital’s diverse, remote workforce through specialized management training. The result was a productive and unified team capable of and equipped for upholding the GDL Capital mission.

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