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How N&S increased hiring bandwidth and accelerated company growth through 10 new hires in 15 months

Over the last several years the client, a software developer in the Northeast U.S., has been specifically challenged with hiring and retaining talented professionals.

Based on initial conversations with company leadership, the 35-person company was seeking to increase staffing in several key areas to ultimately grow its client base and increase its delivery speed and volume as it relates to its ERP software technology and support services.

N&S worked to fill 10 roles in 15 months, including positions like software engineer, technical support representative, and inside sales representative.

My life before working with Nourish & Sow has been very busy. Crazy. We always had a bunch of questions about how to run the business. ‘Do we need to hire for this position, do we need to hire for that position?’ Just a lot of open-ended questions.

- Nichole Zingarella, Director of Operations, NECS, Inc.



Nourish & Sow helped us in so many different areas as far as hiring, helping us become more of a true real business by implementing certain things like company mission statements and company visions. So I definitely feel that Nourish & Sow has helped us in that regard and really has helped us grow up, even though we've been an established company.

- Nichole Zingarella, Director of Operations, NECS, Inc.


The entire process has been pretty easy, pretty streamlined. We set up an initial call where they (N&S) learned a little bit more about us, and ever since that call, it's been full steam ahead. They learned a little bit about our business and instantly came back with a bunch of different suggestions on things to improve and help move us forward….the whole process of working with Nourish & Sow has been very easy. I highly recommend Nourish & Sow.

- Nichole Zingarella, Director of Operations, NECS, Inc.

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