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Business Coaching with Lucas Mitchell

Stop Consuming. Take Action.

For entrepreneurs, the overconsumption of data, reports, and general information easily accessible through digital media platforms and other sources can hinder the ability to make good decisions and move forward with growing their businesses. Stop getting lost in the endless sea of misguided, trivial, and intangible business tips that aren’t tailored to your specific needs.   

Specializing in system integration, operations, and scaling, Lucas is primarily focused on helping businesses that are either experiencing unmanageable growth trajectories or stuck in the infancy stages.
Execute your plans, maximize your time, and simplify your processes with practical, tactical, and essential tools
As entrepreneurs, time is among our most valuable resources. You can trust that Lucas will identify the core of your challenges quickly, giving you a clear understanding of how and where to apply outlined steps straight away.
With the right mindset, every problem – real or perceived – has a solution. Lucas will work closely with you to discover your business’ red-flag areas and provide sound advice rooted in real experience that can be applied directly and effectively.
Social media and other informational platforms are becoming increasingly oversaturated. The business hacks shared on these outlets are rarely custom-made for your business needs. Partnering with Lucas will allow you to stop consuming fleeting knowledge and receive principled direction backed by a strong foundation with limited outside influence. His coaching strategies are designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to act.
Who Is Benefitting From Lucas’ Coaching?
Our group has been working with Lucas for the last six months and the experience has proven to be invaluable. As we are preparing to open our businesses, Lucas has analyzed our processes and strategies to ensure that we are aligned for success.  His willingness to listen to our proposed strategies and dissect them has permitted us to avoid several obstacles during our development stages. Additionally, Lucas has been a vital source of information for us providing insight into the operational tactics that have shown to be successful for his organization. Lucas has massively impacted and continues to impact every aspect of our business, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with him as he helps to confirm our organization is primed for success.”

Hi, I’m Lucas.

As a business operator for over a decade, I have a history of creating sustainable businesses with simple systems. I’m the co-founder and operating partner of a 25-location business with nearly 500 employees in multiple states. I run multi-million-dollar franchises in just a few hours a week.

Over the years, I’ve developed people systems, technology systems, and operating procedures to make businesses function more profitably and ultimately free up time. My consulting firm Nourish & Sow now does this for clients across North America. 

After carving out time for myself, I began offering coaching to help other entrepreneurs explore how to scale their businesses and leave time for their families and passions.