Sharing creative solutions.

Accelerating Growth

Nourish & Sow provides invaluable and practical resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. We lead a community of motivated, future-focused problem-solvers who love to share what we know, as well as what we are learning. 

Connect with other innovators who are growing their businesses, pursuing personal goals, and, most importantly, enjoying the journey.

Sow You Can Grow

A Podcast for Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Nourish & Sow’s Co-Founders Lucas Mitchell (CEO) and Andrew Smith (COO), Sow You Can Grow is a discovery project.

Through conversations that confront the real-world challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs and interviews with inspiring business owners and industry leaders, they explore creative solutions, building sustainable growth, the makings of unprecedented success, and the unpredictable nature of expansion. All from a perspective that is both grounded and flexible.

Listen in as Lucas and Andrew discuss effective tactics and uncover new business landscapes. 

Sow You Can Grow, A podcast for entrepreneurs
The Nourish & Sow Blog

Tips, tactics, and truths about running a business that get you ready to meet the moment.

From optimizing daily operations and remote work realizations to establishing a performance review process that really does the work, the Nourish & Sow team shares their first-hand experience and insights.

About Nourish & Sow

Nourish & Sow and its family of companies are on a mission to unshackle business owners and their teams from the recurring challenges that hinder productivity and profitability.

Nourish & Sow’s companies work exclusively with entrepreneurs and founder-led organizations to implement custom solutions around people, processes, and technology.

Where we started

Nourish & Sow was started by Lucas Mitchell in 2020 to help other entrepreneurs strategically expand their businesses. Over the years, the Nourish & Sow team has developed countless solutions for dozens of entrepreneurs and founder-led organizations.

Where we are going…

Today, we are elevating our brand to deliver more value by providing free resources for entrepreneurs. Through our podcast, blog, social media presence, and growing community, we are creating a space where business leaders can grow, learn and thrive together.

By intentionally lifting up others, we can elevate the passion that exists within a company and deliver better results for the business. 

Some of the innovators we’ve elevated:

Jason Drees Coaching
IGB Capital
Awesome Nossum Logo
Sinclair Bio
Entree Logo
Four One Capital Logo
Elephant Express Carwash
Colt + Farmhouse development
PhotoMules Sports Photography
About the Founders

Lucas Mitchell  |  Co-Founder & CEO

As a multi-location business operator for over a decade, Lucas has a long history of creating dynamic, sustainable business infrastructures. He earned his stripes as the co-founder and operating partner of a 20-location business with over 500 employees in multiple states. His franchising experience established valuable working insight into how large companies build and utilize complex systems. It also inspired him to share what he has learned, which led to the creation of Nourish & Sow in late 2020.Today, he uses his passion to help new and established businesses function more profitably, which then frees up time for expansion and growth.
Lucas Mitchell, Business Mentorships

Andrew Smith  |  Co-Founder & COO

Armed with 17-plus years of career experience in a variety of fields, including management, operations, sales, public relations, marketing, leadership development, and higher education, Andrew’s versatility is unmatched. Andrew is not only a strong communicator and expert facilitator, he is the ultimate team-leader and a master motivator for Nourish & Sow and its clients. Driven to share his gift for synthesizing complex business solutions, Andrew joined forces with Lucas in early 2021 in the creation of Nourish & Sow.
Connect with other innovators who are growing their businesses, pursuing personal goals, and, most importantly, enjoying the journey.