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Nourish & Sow Case Studies - SowTalent

The case studies below are just a sampling of the creative solutions we've implemented for our clients. To learn more on a how we can craft a custom solution for your business, click here.

Streamlining Talent Acquisition in Real Time​

NECS was stuck in a cycle of hiring out of necessity, which was wasting time and hindering strategic, future-facing growth. After creating a more effective and efficient hiring process and assisting with implementation, N&S saved NECS approximately 500 staff hours and filled 10 roles in 15 months.​

Realizing Company Vision Through Thoughtful Team Building

When GDL came to N&S their vision was clear, but a lack of management and hiring experience was a limitation to rapid expansion. By creating a hiring framework and initiating a six-month custom management training, SowTalent helped GDL achieve 300% growth in staffing within 60 days and establish a company culture that could turn their vision into a working reality.

Enhance Leadership Skills Quickly with Company Culture Transformation

As Elephant Car Wash grew and evolved, they recognized that restructuring and redefining leadership training needed to be their next step, and they needed to take it ASAP. Led by the SowTalent team, ECW expedited their management training upgrade by utilizing proven management principles within a company specific strategy.

Identifying and Meeting Highly Specialized Staffing Needs

SOAR Energy is a leading player in renewable energy whose innovative approach to expanding the use of solar energy requires an exceptional staff with a variety of highly specific skill sets. Using established hiring expertise and a laser-focused attention to detail, SowTalent helped SOAR find talented, dynamic candidates who checked every box.

Communicating Company Expectations with Consistent Review Protocol

Animal Bioscience is an emerging authority on improving and extending canine life. The company is redefining dog years through its product Leap Years. As frontrunners in their field, they know the best results come from utilizing the best resources. So, when it came to maintaining core company value across all departments and employees, Animal Bioscience turned to SowTalent.